Friday, September 6, 2013

Poor Mans Surf and Turf

Sept 04 2012

My stomach is back to normal now so it’s time for some good food. I had to take my dog for a bath and haircut so I went shopping while he was getting groomed.

I went to Meijers grocery to get some Thai red curry paste for a future recipe. I looked for something good for supper and got two bacon and cheddar stuffed Angus beef burgers and two jumbo shrimp. The two burgers were 2 1/8 lbs.; more like a small meatloaf.  It was just over $5 for the two shrimp. I am calling this Poor Man’s Surf and Turf.

My supper is a no brainer; all the prep has been done. My side would be Bob Evans hash brown casserole, Meijers did the stuffed burgers and Mother Nature did the shrimp! The only prep I had to do was about an hour before cooking I seasoned the burgers with some Webers gourmet burger seasoning and a little olive oil and chili lime seasoning on the shrimp. I made a small salad; lately I have been sprinkling some dried garlic flakes over my salad and dressing, it gives you garlic taste with a little crunch. I melted some garlic butter to dip the shrimp in.

I did the burgers on my Traeger at 300 deg. on the back of grill grates. I turned them after 15 minutes.
In 10 more minutes the burgers were at 140 deg. IT so in another 5 minutes I put the shrimp on. They took a little longer than I thought and to finish I had to turn them on their edge. I should have started them when the burgers were 140 deg. IT since I thought they were slightly overdone. I think Meijers used too lean of ground beef mix too.

It all tasted great to me, some real food! I think all the cheese stayed in the burger and the large shrimp was about like eating lobster!

Stuffed burger

My supper

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