Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mititei, Romanian Garlicky Sausages

Sept 21 2013

Lately I found a new food and recipe site,, viewers and a lot of good chefs post recipes there. I found this Romanian recipe for a sausage made without stuffing into casings that sounded good. I liked the seasonings and a little different was it called for sparkling water and baking soda!

I was going to get some carry outs for supper tonight but decided to take the time to have these sausages. I enjoy home cooking better than anything else I can get. I bought some cheese rolls that are like hoagie buns for my sandwich. I have done a lot of sandwiches lately but there is a reason; a lot less dishes to do up! I will be glad when my dishwasher gets back to normal!

I mixed up the sausages and formed them after a visit to my wife and lunch. It said sparkling water but I didn’t buy any so was going to use plain water. Then I thought about the Ice my wife had bought. I checked it and it was sparkling water and I chose the black raspberry. I was not sure it would work but raspberries are used in a lot of meat sauces and glazes so I tried it. It worked and can’t really say I could taste it. My sausages would have about 4 hours in the fridge.

After my evening visit to see my wife I heated my Traeger to 300 deg., 325 deg. at grill level.  I have done hamburgers on the grill grates at that temp with good luck. I had some Ore Ida olive oil and sea salt potato wedges I put on 10 minutes after the sausages. I did the sausages for 20 minutes; flipped and another 15 minutes. I put my bun on for 2 minutes to heat up. After I put the sausages on I caramelized onions for my sandwich.

I served my sandwich with mustard and the onions, the potatoes and a small tomato on the side. I loved the sausages and will do them again. I can see more sausage flavors done this way. Those of you who like to grind your own meat and stuff the sausages you might want to try this recipe.

Ready to mix

Ready for the fridge

Caramelized onions

About done

My Supper

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  1. Great looking meal Don!
    Hoping for a peedy recovery for wife.