Sunday, September 15, 2013

Midwest Meatloaf and Balsamic Onion Stack

Sept 14 2013

I have not posted much lately since my wife had both knees replaced and I am busy visiting her in rehab twice a day. She had the operation Monday Sept. 9th. Thursday I took her to a local rest home for about two weeks of therapy. She is doing well and walks pretty good with a walker.

After eating out some and eating leftovers I was getting hungry for a good meal. I decided to make a meatloaf and I could eat leftovers several days.

I found a recipe for Midwest meatloaf that sounded good and I would have left overs for several days of eating.  I also found a recipe for balsamic onion stacks I adapted for a smoker and since they are done in a muffin pan I would have some sweet potato stacks too.  I have done regular sweet potatoes before but had some white yams to use this time. Since it would be just me I did one onion stack and two sweet potato stacks.

I did the meatloaf in the morning then went to visit the wife. I had a little over two hours to relax some before going back to see my wife before supper.

When I got home I had my first beer for the day AHH! I sliced the white sweet potatoes thin on a mandolin and coated them with some half and half cream. I layered some in the muffin pan topped with a slice of Swiss cheese some bacon bits and salt & pepper, then repeated the layer. I covered the muffin pan with foil and smoked at 300 deg. for 25 minutes then uncovered and grilled my onions and added the stack to the muffin pan and cooked about 15 minutes longer; added a slice of mozzarella to the onion stack and did 5 more minutes.

I turned the smoker down to smoke mode while I heated a couple slices of meatloaf and toasted a cheese roll and topped it with some gorgonzola garlic chive butter.

It all hit the spot, meatloaf was good, and the onion stack is to die for! The white sweet potatoes are a little more dry than the orange so next time I would add more half & half cream.

Making the potato stacks

Ingredients for onion stacks

Grilling the onions

All in the smoker

Sliced stacks

My Supper

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