Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thin cut Chicken Breasts with veggies and rice

Sept 03 2013

For tonight’s supper I was still trying to stay with something mild and light, since I just got over the stomach flu. I was getting pretty tired of not eating much or very bland unseasoned food.

I had a bag of frozen garden veggies with edamame and asparagus. I thought some chicken breasts and rice would be good too. I found some nice thin cut boneless skinless breasts and bought a box of Zatarains yellow rice.

I seasoned the breasts with some Stubbs pork seasoning; it is chili lime base so good for chicken too, covered with saran wrap and in the fridge a few hours before cooking.

I started up my Traeger to heat to 325 deg. and got the rice cooking in the rice cooker. After the rice was on for 20 minutes I added the veggies to the steamer basket then I got the breasts on my smoker using the back of grill grates. Ten minutes on a side would be good for the breasts and the rice cooker would be in warm hold by then. I checked the temp of the breasts and they were done so took them inside and covered with foil while I plated up and warmed up some leftover cheese garlic biscuits.

When I plated my wife’s dish I thought that sure would look and be better with some sauce. I got out some Mae Poy’s Korean sweet chili sauce and poured some over mine. That sure tasted good to me, the chili sauce is sweet and some heat. I could have used more but I didn’t want to push it. The breasts were a tad on the dry side but good. I had thought I didn’t need to brine with a short cook time but next time I will.

Veggies and rice

Ready for the smoker

Chickens done

My Plate

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