Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monday and Tuesday Supper with Leftover Meatloaf

Sept 15 2013

Monday I used some of the meatloaf for a sandwich. I toasted a cheese roll and had a slice of the meatloaf, topped with some of the balsamic vinegar onions and some fresh mozzarella cheese. I melted the cheese under the broiler. That was a tasty sandwich!

Sept 16 2013

It was a busy day today, a trip to Walmart to get some mashed potatoes and new handle grips for the grandson’s bicycle. Then it was shave and shower then off to see my wife at lunch time. I then had a little nap, and put new sugar water out for my hummers, and back to see the wife at supper time.

I left at 5:00 and had time to set out back awhile before fixing supper. I have had 3 young hummers that are hanging on before they head south. The evening sun was good so I got my camera out and shot over 70 shots of the humming birds. I saved about 25 of those and will probably end up with 4 or 5 keepers. I will post as soon as I have time.

This is my third meal with the meatloaf. I nuked some Bob Evens mashed potatoes, boiled some thin sliced carrots in a little water until gone then added a couple pats of butter and sautéed, made some brown gravy with Pioneer brand brown gravy mix, toasted a cheese roll, heated up a slice of meatloaf and served it up.

It tasted great! It didn’t seem like I ate meatloaf 3 days in a row but had 3 tasty meals that were better than I could get at a restaurant, and two of the meals were quick and easy!

The daughter in law and grandson stopped in, she put his new handle grips on. Their dog and mine had a good time playing. They went home and I was tired so went to bed without doing the dishes. I miss my dishwasher; she never went to bed with dirty dishes setting around! She is doing well and will be back to walking normal soon! I won’t tell her I let the dishes set!

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