Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Kitchen

I rolled up the second tarp, so my winter kitchen is now my summer kitchen. It was a nice day today and I spent a good part of the day cleaning my Traeger. It is now three years old and still looks pretty good. It was not that dirty and just did a quick scrape down of the inside and vacuumed. I had never cleaned the chimney so I removed it and scraped it out. It had close to a half inch of crud; a half round file worked well as a scraper.

I cleaned the outside with some Citrus cleaner and gave it a coat of mineral oil. It is now good for another year. The few mods I have done are 3 fire bricks around the fire pot, ¼ inch steel plate added to the heat deflector to correct warp and it acts as a heat collector, and I added a second shelf.

After I had it all cleaned up I fired it up and did the first half of tomorrow’s supper, beef rouladen.

Our son was working his second job so the daughter in law and grandson came down for supper. My wife cooked; she called all are orders in to Sandman’s carry out and picked it up. She is a great cook!

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