Monday, June 17, 2013

Kimchi started and a quick Supper

Jun 14 2013

Today was a busy day. Yesterday I stopped at Krogers in St. Marys to get Mom some fresh fruit. I was taking her some food. When I got back in the car it was dead. I had forgotten the cell phone so called from Krogers for roadside assist. He was able to jump start me so headed back home and took the car to my Ford dealer. He replaced the battery; it was the original, 7 yrs. old so I got my money’s worth.

This morning I headed back to deliver the food, Mom was doing fine, and she is 91. On the way home I was driving a back road I like to take. It crosses the St. Marys River and some low area with ponds I see some wildlife and I used to play there as a kid. I hear a loud thud and look in the rear view mirror, a small doe deer is limping across the road. I felt bad; when I got to a stop sign I got out and looked at the car. There was no damage at all; I felt a little better that maybe she would survive. She must have run into the rear side I figured; I never saw her.

After lunch I cut up two heads of Napa cabbage to get some Kimchi started. It will be a good side for any BBQ. I had picked out two nice large heads; about 6 lbs. The center of both was bad so I had more waste than normal.

After I got the kimchi done I made up 3 sausage patties from a pound of fresh sausage from my butcher. I had some corn on the cob to steam and my wife made some broccoli slaw. That would be supper for us and the Grandson. It tasted pretty good.

The Grandson is coming down at 8 am and we are going fishing for the morning. He is staying over while Mom & Dad have a night out in Columbus and taking in a concert.

Kimchi ingredients

Cutting up the cabbage

Ready to mix

Ready to set for two days

Sausage patties after 1/2 hr. at 300 deg. I had some mustard on top

After another 1/2 hr. and cheese added

My Supper

Jun 16 2013

The Kimchi had set out at room temp for two days. I filled 3 quart jars and topped with water to cover. After a few days in the fridge to mellow out this will be ready to eat.

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