Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prime Rib Tacos

Now I usually don’t use prime rib for tacos, but I had some frozen, vacuum-packed, from my Christmas dinner that needed used. It had been done on my smoker. I saved enough for a sandwich for my lunch tomorrow. The rest I diced up small, about ¼ inches for use in the tacos.

I love Tacos but don’t care for the hard shells, for me they fall apart with every bite. For these I used some soft flour tortillas. I bought the flour tortillas & seasoning in the morning. I like to use Old El Paso brands it works for me. I also bought some sour cream & Mexican blend cheese. I forgot that my wife likes salsa on hers too, & didn’t have any on hand. I think she forgave me. I just like the taco meat, some cheese, lettuce, & sour cream on mine, in that order.

Come supper time these went together pretty fast, diced a slice of onion & a ¼ of green pepper to use. I got them sautéing in a little olive until getting soft, added the diced prime rib & a little more olive oil. I cooked until hot, a couple of minutes, added the seasoning, about ¾ of the Old El Paso packet. I stirred & then added some tomato sauce and a little water. I simmered this while I wrapped the tortillas in paper towels & nuked for 30 seconds. They are better if you can brown in a hot skillet one at a time, but I was lazy so used the microwave. I also nuked some Old El Paso fat free refried beans & melted some cheese on top for myself. My wife does not like the beans. For me they are a must have when cooking & eating Mexican.

We each had two tacos; my wife thought they were extra good with the prime rib! I think the next time I will try some round steak but not prime rib! I didn’t have many photos of the process but I think most know how to dice peppers & onions & can follow my process.

Note: In the photo of My Plate I did use a fancier plate than my usual white Corel ware!

The fixins

Taco meat simmering

My Plate

Smokin Don

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