Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp & Cornmeal Mush

I am not sure why the Cajuns call this BBQ shrimp; BBQ or not this is delicious. This is something you don’t want to eat just before going for a cholesterol check! I have been making it for years probably once a year.

I love shrimp fixed any way. Lately the best shrimp I can get is frozen Key West wild caught pink shrimp, shell on, I get at Krogers. The only thing better would be getting them off the boat in Key West!

The southerners have their shrimp & grits; I would fix my shrimp with some smoked mush & cheesy pull bread and a green salad side. The cornmeal mush I buy, easier than making my own. I usually slice about 3/8 inch thick & fry in butter or olive oil.

I got my small sour dough bread ball sliced & added some shredded sharp cheddar & bacon bits between the cuts. I heated 3 TBS butter with about 1 tsp Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix to pour over the bread before baking & wrapped in foil.

I sliced the mush & on my smoker at 200 deg for a half hour & then go to 325 deg for doing the shrimp. The mush was in a total of 1 hour. After I put the mush on got the sauce ready for the shrimp and put it on the smoker the last 20 minutes. I did the bread at 350 deg in the oven for 15 min then folded the foil down for another 20 min & had it ready when the shrimp was done.

My wife & I sure enjoyed this, shelling out the shrimp & dipping the cheesy bread in the sauce. It is messy to eat & a wet cloth is a must!

Printable Shrimp Recipe

The shrimp

Cheesy Pull Bread ready for the oven

Butter added to the bacon

Shrimp added & ready for the smoker

Shrimp ready to serve

Mush ready to serve

Pull bread is done

My Plate

Smokin Don

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