Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bacon Spam

When the wife is away the cook will play. My wife went out with her lunch bunch for dinner & a play so it was a good time to cook what I wanted. I bought a can of Bacon Spam I wanted to fix and do a test on some muffin pan potatoes I wanted to have with some Mini Meatloaves tomorrow night. I know I am kinda on a muffin pan kick right now! I laid the Spam on its side & cross sliced it about half way through ½ inch apart & sprinkled on some Cajun seasoning. The cross slicing allows it to open up some & give more edges to brown up. I sliced up two Gold Potatoes about ¼ inch thick leaving the skins on and sliced 8 slices of sweet onions as thin as I could. I melted 3 Tbs. of butter with some garlic powder & Lawry’s seasoned salt brushed the potatoes on each side & altered with the onions in my muffin pan. I put the Spam directly on the grate on Smoke mode 180 deg for ½ hour then went to 225 deg & added the muffin pan with the potato & onion slices. In another ½ hour I went to 325 deg. In another hour & half all looked done, I had basted the potatoes with the butter several times. I was confident I could get the potatoes done tomorrow with the meat loaves, they tasted good & the Spam was great, almost over done, but the crispy edges were good.--------------------- Bacon Spam
Potatoes & Onions
About Done
My Plate
Smokin Don

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