Thursday, December 8, 2011

Leftover Pork Fried Rice

Last nights supper was quick & easy, it also tasted good. I had some leftover pork loin, rice, & peas, perfect for some fried rice. I chopped up a sweet onion, two cloves of garlic, & some red pepper. Diced up the pork & seasoned with some soy sauce. I beat two eggs & fried in a small skillet, then diced it up. When I do a stir fry I like to get all ingredients ready & in bowls, the cooking goes pretty fast. I had a steel wok, it’s probably somewhere in the garage gathering dust, but always had a flat bottom one since I have an electric stove. Anymore I just use my regular skillet but have found you need to do it at a lower heat or you wind up with rice stuck to the bottom of the pan. I start on med heat, two or three Tbs. olive oil & let heat up about 5 min. Throw in the onions, garlic, & peppers, cook until getting a little soft. Throw in the diced pork & heat through, since it was already cooked just need to heat up. Add a couple drops of sesame oil. Throw in the peas & turn heat to med low. I am stirring some during each addition. When this is all heated throw in the rice, then finally the egg. Stir & add more soy sauce if needed. I had done some Texas garlic toast to have with the fried rice. Sometimes I like to add some celery or water chestnuts for a little crunch. I didn’t measure anything but you can see from the bowls there was about equal amounts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Ingredients
All Stirred
My Plate
Smokin Don

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