Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Smoked Turkey & Bacon Sandwich

Yesterday I made chicken & noodle soup, good cold weather food! I made my own broth & spatchcocked a chicken to do on my smoker. My wife would be away so after I did the chicken I turned the smoker down to 300 deg & added 5 slices of bacon. It took about a half hour to brown up. I planned a sandwich with some of my no knead bread; since it didn’t raise well it was perfect for a sandwich. I had some smoked turkey breast a friend had done on his Treager, just enough for a sandwich. I threw it in a skillet with a little olive oil, placed 3 slices of bacon on & topped with a slice of Swiss cheese. I covered it with a lid and while it was heating I toasted the bread in another skillet.

I saved some of the chicken skin & nuked it in the microwave until crispy & had it along with the sandwich. I topped the sandwich with some Philly cooking cream, Santa Fe flavor. It was not the healthiest meal but I garontee it was mighty tasty!!

Bacons Ready

My Plate

Another View

Smokin Don

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