Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

A Merry Christmas to all, if you don't celebrate Christmas, where ever you are, I hope you have a great Holiday season. I hope you prepare some good food & have a great time. For Christmas eve dinner I am cooking a 5 lb boneless prime rib roast on my Traeger smoker for the wife & I. Baked potatoes and a shrimp salad. I am also baking some no knead bread to have. I also wish everyone good luck in the new year. For years now I have cooked pork and sauerkraut on new years day. It is a German tradition and supposed to bring you good luck, cleanse your body, and I guess get you ready to eat more good food. I also fix some black eyed peas, a southern tradition here in the US. Good wishes for all!

Smokin Don

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