Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Smokin Deck & Area finished

Great weather here in Ohio for this time of year. 77 deg today & suppose to be 80 on Friday. The nice weather has let me get the landscaping finished up around my Smokin Deck instead of waiting till next spring. I had some brick to relay for access to my gas grill from my deck and sidewalk. I had a square area to finish with square decorative cement stepping stones & a round one. I planted some ground cover that survived the winter around a bird bath, hoping to get it growing between the stepping stones. Next spring a birdbath will go on the round stone.

In the photos below, the box to the left of the gas grill is storage for two 20 lb. gas bottles. That equals 24 hrs of emergency heat for me. I made it from scraps left from building the deck. The round area of bricks & stone in front is a working French drain that receives water from the downspout on the left corner of the house. It drains all the water from my back roof & I had a problem with too much moisture in that corner. I am happy I got that all done; now I can relax some until the snow flies.

Deck & Area

My Backyard

Smokin Don

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