Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beef Pot Roast & Cheesy Cabbage Head

Awhile back I spotted a cabbage recipe over at Tango Joes blog. I love cabbage & this was one I had to try soon. Cabbage goes best with beef, at least to me. The cabbage had to cook over 3 hours at 250 deg. I thought a slow cooked pot roast would be good to cook it with. At the grocery I picked up, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, a jar of garlic, mozzarella cheese, and beef broth. At my butchers I picked out an arm roast just over 2 lbs.

I figured on 5 hours for the total cook, 5 hours for the pot roast and 4 hours for the cabbage. Our usual supper time is 6 PM so I needed to get the roast on at 1:00. At noon I sprayed the roast with a little olive oil and rubbed some Penzey’s Beef Roast seasoning on & back in the fridge. I fired up the Traeger on smoke mode & it settled down to about 185 deg. I got the roast on at 1:00 & would smoke for one hour. I paired out the core of the cabbage, some salt & pepper, added about 4 tsp of the canned garlic, 3 slices of onions, 4 pats of butter, and double wrapped in foil. I made a ring from foil to hold the cabbage upright on the grill. I sprayed a deep foil roasting pan with some olive oil & added 3 thick slices of onion to lay the roast on. At 2:00 I upped the temp to 225 deg, this would give me about 250 deg at grill level on my Traeger. I added the cabbage to the grill & placed the roast in the roaster pan.

I then prepared the potatoes, carrots, & parsnips, added them to the foil pan & added enough beef broth to almost cover the roast, covered the pan with foil & all was ready to cook for 3 hours before I needed to do anymore. This time I used to do some fall chores.
I removed the window screens to store for the winter, changed the screen to glass in the front screen door.

When I put the roast on & covered I had inserted a temp probe, & by 4:00 it was up to 170 deg. I checked the cabbage & it felt soft so I told the wife it may be ready just after 5:00. A little before 5 I removed the cabbage; opened & turned the foil down around the cabbage & back on the grill. I mounded up some shredded mozzarella cheese in the center. At 5:10 I took the roaster pan inside, placed it on a med high burner, removed the meat. I trimmed the fat & sliced then back in the roaster pan. I placed some leftover crusty bread in foil & in a 200 deg oven to refresh. At 5:25 I brought the cabbage in & sliced. Plated it all up on trays & we went in to watch a little TV while we ate. After I took the photo of my plate I mashed up my veggies & topped with some butter & broth.
The carrots & cabbage was just a tad underdone. I should have stuck to my 6:00 time!
It was really tasty & wasn’t worth trying to nuke to cook more. Loved that cabbage, thanks for the recipe Tango Joe! The beef was tender & had a little smoke ring, but a standard chuck roast is hard to beat for pot roast.

Arm roast


Cabbage cored

Garlic added

Ready to foil

Carrots & parsnips

On the grill

Pot Roast ready

Cabbage ready

Cabbage sliced

My Plate

Smokin Don

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  1. I have prepared that style of cabbage before and it is amazingly good!