Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pulled Pork Chili

I can’t remember what the first thing I ever cooked after getting married. It was probably burgers on the grill or chili. I never had a go to chili recipe, I have tried many recipes and made up my own, and each batch was different. I always told my wife this is the best chili I ever made! I usually used ground beef, sometimes adding some ground sausage, and I have used diced up sirloin for Texas style chili. I like Texas chili if it’s served over rice. I have never had any chicken chili I really like, especially if it does not have chili powder in it. How can it be chili without chili powder?

My basics for chili are; meat, tomatoes, beans, and chili powder. This past year I made a batch of chili that the wife & I both thought was among the best. I wrote down the ingredients and now that is the basic recipe I follow.

Fall weather brings out my hunger for chili. Tomorrow is “trick or treat” night for here so I needed something quick for supper before about 200 kids show up at the door in an hour and a half for their treats. For years my wife has dressed up & sat on the porch to greet the Halloweeners and give out the candy.

I had two pounds of pulled pork frozen & would use it in the chili, black beans & some corn to make it southwestern style. I ran a knife through the pork to chop a little smaller. I sautéed a chopped onion & garlic then added the pork till cooking through, added the seasoning to the meat. A Mexican friend at work told me his Mother always added the seasoning to the meat and not later on. I added 1 bottle of dark beer & stirred to deglaze the pan, added a can of crushed tomatoes, a can of fire roasted tomatoes, 2 cans of mild green chili’s, and a few drops of Cholula hot sauce. I simmered this for 2 hours; you have to cook chili 3 hours to meld all the flavors.

After simmering for two hours I added 2 cans of pinto beans, rinsed a can of black beans & added it, a can of white corn, and the juice of ½ lime. I simmered this for another hour thinning with chicken broth. I usually use beef broth but thought the chicken broth would work better with the pork. I served it with a handful of Mexican style shredded cheese and some sour cream. Buttered crackers are a must to have with chili. It was pretty good & the wife said she liked the pork better than ground beef. It will taste better tomorrow!

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