Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Greek Seasoned Pork & Fennel Gratin

Today was another nice day to be outdoors, sunny & I think it was about 65. I had found a recipe for spicy candied pecans, on, I wanted to try on the smoker. I mixed up the spices & sugar, melted the butter in a skillet, added the pecans & spices, and mixed well. On the smoker, in my Weber pan, at 180 deg for 20 min then went to 225 for another 20 min. I stirred them every 10 min. When they cooled I tasted & tasted again & again. I called that my breakfast!!

Went through my carryout to replenish my beer & they had brisket sandwiches done on a Traeger Texan so that was my lunch. I hope it gets to be a regular on the menu, it was great!

I had a 3 lb. bone in Pork Loin Sirloin roast I wanted to do along with some fennel gratin. The fennel gratin recipe also came from I remembered someone on pelletheads forum had said Greek seasoning was good on pork. I found a Greek Seasoning Mix recipe at that looked good to me, & would go well with the fennel gratin. Two hours before cook time I mixed 2 Tbs. olive oil & 3 tsp. lemon juice and rubbed on the roast. I mixed up the Greek seasoning & coated the pork roast well; covered with saran wrap & back in the fridge.

I got the roast on at 3:30, along with two potatoes, smoke mode about 185 deg average for ½ hour. I prepared the two fennel bulbs, garlic, one onion cut in wedges. Arranged in a 9 inch square pan, added 2 cups chicken broth & salt & pepper. Placed on the smoker at 4:00 & went to 225 deg for another 1/2 hour. At 4:30 I inserted the temp probe & went to 325 deg. After twenty min. it looked to me like the roast was going up in temp too fast for the 6:00 time I told my wife we would eat, she went to a movie with friends. I dropped the temp back to 300 deg for the rest of the cook.

My wife got home & about 6:40 the roast was at 165 deg IT. I pulled & tented it with foil. Added a Tbs. of heavy cream to each half of fennel bulb, a little fresh grated nutmeg, & parmesan cheese, under the broiler until cheese was melted & browning some. I served all with some good crusty bread. The fennel could have been a little more done but tasted great. My wife commented how good the pork was, that seasoning is a winner! The plating lacks color so if serving guests some parsley or green garnish would look good.

Link to Pecan Recipe

Link to Fennel Gratin Recipe

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Spicy Pecans

Pork Seasoned

On the Smoker & ready

Fennel just off the Smoker

My Plate

Smokin Don

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