Friday, October 7, 2011

Beefy Meatloaf, O'Brien Potatoes, & Gravy

I had been getting hungry for meatloaf. I wanted something different than the usual tomato based one, one with a more beefy taste. I searched my favorite, foodnetwork, & found one by Sandra Lee that sounded good. She calls it Smothered Meatloaf. Hers was done on top of O’Brien potatoes in a slow cooker. I wanted to do it that way but I had already bought 1 ½ lbs of 80-20 ground chuck & ½ lb of sausage. I thought this would be too much grease on top of potatoes. I decided to just use her recipe for the meatloaf, do it on my smoker, then make gravy & fry some Ore Ida O’Brien potatoes to have with it. Her recipe said to use a box of Kraft garlic & herb shake & bake; it comes with two envelopes so I just used one envelope & the same with the Lipton beefy onion soup mix. I mixed up my meatloaf & it was a little wet but I have found they are better on the smoker if they are a little wet.

I got my smoker started in smoke mode, average 170 deg. Did it on smoke for 1 hour. Went to 225 deg for another hour. After 2 hours it was at 130 deg IT so went to 275 deg to finish to 160 deg IT. It took just 3 hours & it looked good. I tented it to cool then in the fridge until supper time.
I liked these temps & times for the 2 lb meatloaf & will continue to use.

For the gravy I used the leftover ½ can of cheddar cheese soup, 1 can mushroom soup, & a jar of Heinz fat free beef gravy, heated that up & fried the O’Brien potatoes until browning some. I served the meatloaf & potatoes with gravy and some rosemary focaccia bread & butter. I thought it was very good & my wife said the best meatloaf I made lately.

Meatloaf fixins


On the smoker & ready

My Plate

Smokin Don

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