Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sweet Italian Sausage & Squash

08 16 2017

This meal is about as quick and easy as you can make. To me it’s as tasty as if you spent all afternoon preparing it. It is all done in one skillet.

All you need is some Italian sausage, sweet or hot, a sweet onion, some garlic, zucchini and yellow squash, salt and pepper. A skillet full can easily feed four.

I found some fresh sweet Italian Johnsonville sausage and just used 3 links for the wife and me. I removed it from the casings and browned it well leaving medium size chunks. I removed it from the skillet and set aside. I poured off the fat, wiped the skillet and deglazed with a little water. I had sliced about a half medium onion thinly, added it to the skillet and then some chopped garlic.

I sliced a small zucchini and about ¾ of a yellow squash and added it to the skillet. Looked like plenty for the wife and me. I added the sausage back in and cooked until hot through and the squash was starting to soften.

I split a piece of Naan bread with the wife and served. That tasted great and I had about one serving leftover.


Sausage browned then removed

Onions added

Garlic added

Squash added

Sausage added back in

My supper

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