Saturday, August 12, 2017

Detroit Style Pizza

08 12 2017

Back in the 80’s sometime a friend took the wife and me to a place called Buddy’s in Detroit for pizza. He said the best pizza you will eat and it was. I have wanted one every since. I found this site Serious Eats that has great pizza recipes and they had one for Detroit Style.

I did one of their Grandma style that turned out delicious so wanted to try their Detroit style. I got an anodized aluminum pan to use and had a granite square pan too. I did one with pepperoni in the large pan and used the granite pan for one with just cheese for the veggie DIL.

I meant to take more pics of building it but got distracted and only got one of before and after baking. I had a can of San Marzano tomatoes to use for the sauce and then followed the recipe pretty close.

The son and wife came for supper and everyone loved the pizza. The grandson stopped in later and ate some. The only thing I need now is to learn how to remove from the pan! I had a devil of a time with the edge where it gets real crispy. I had plenty of olive oil but it still stuck.

Click Here for link to recipe

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