Friday, August 11, 2017

Naan BLT's & White Corn

Aug 11 2017

BLT’s are at the top of my list for this time of year. Also corn on the cob and white corn is my favorite. I get all my corn from Suter’s Red Wagon, a veggie stand that is here every summer since I remember. They have 10 produce stands around the area. The corn is about all bi-color but have enough white for 2 or 3 days. I think I missed it last year but just had some last night. I I got 6 ears; I blanched and cut the corn from 4 ears, about 20 oz., and saved 2 for supper.

I decided to use some Naan bread for the sandwich and had iceberg lettuce, fresh tomatoes and mayo. The bacon I did on my Traeger and threw on a couple pieces of smoked sausage since I didn’t have that much bacon.

One sandwich was enough but was sure wanting another ear of the white corn!

The bacon and sausage

Toasting the Naan

My BLT & white corn

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