Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Center Cut Chops and Potato Salad

08 15 2017

Sundays supper was pretty easy, all I had to cook was the chops. My sides were bought potato salad and some sliced fresh tomatoes.

I had some chops a while back that were called rib end chops; they were kinda small and a darker color than loin chops. I salt cured them and added my favorite rib rub then on my smoker at about 250 deg. grill level while I cooked something else. Later the next day when the wife and I ate those chops we thought they were extra tender. I had them on the grill about 2 hours or so and they were at 160 deg. IT.

For chops usually I brown in a skillet and then finish in a 350 deg. oven while I finish cooking or smoke for an hour or so on my Traeger and reverse sear on my gas grill.

For these boneless center cut chops I dry salt cured them for 2 hours, wiped them off and added the rib rub for two hours. It’s best to use a rub or seasoning that does not have much salt in it. You can always rinse the chops too to get more salt off.

I heated my smoker at 225 deg. and was getting 250 deg. grill level to cook the chops. I figured on 2 hrs 15 min. but they were done, 160 deg. IT, in an hour 45 minutes. I didn’t have anything else to cook so I pulled them and after a 5 min. rest served.

The chops were good, tender and moist. The potato salad and tomatoes went well with them.

The chops

Ready on the smoker


My supper

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