Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pulled Beef Sandwiches

Aug 17 2017

Sometimes when you try a different cooking method it works but this time it wasn’t the best. Usually when I do a beef chuck roast to pull I take it to 160 deg. IT and then in a pan with liquid up halfway on the meat, cover with foil and braise it until the IT is 195 to 205 deg.

This time I decided to wrap with butcher paper for the final cooking. I wanted the beef with just salt, pepper, garlic and onion; this would make it nice to freeze and save for other recipes.

I had a nice 4 pound chuck from my butcher. I trimmed some of the fat and then added Kosher salt to dry brine overnight in the fridge. When ready to cook I added some fresh ground pepper and then on my Traeger heated to 250 deg. Grill level. I got it on a little after 7 AM.

I made some broth with better than bullion. At 11:15 it was staying at 160 deg. I placed it in two layers of butcher paper added some dried garlic, 3 slices of onions for flavor and moisture and I mopped it with some of the broth. It went back on the smoker and upped the temp to about 300 deg. Grill level.

At 1:45 it was up to 196 deg. IT. I removed it to a pan and then in my oven to rest for an hour.
When I tried to pull it I could see it wasn’t going to work so I sliced it up. It had a nice smoke ring and good flavor, pretty tender but not overly moist. I added some of the broth and in the fridge until supper time.

A good neighbor had given me some nice tomatoes and cucumbers. I made some vinegar and oil marinated cukes, tomatoes, sweet onion and garlic. I just by ear and add about ⅓ cup of vinegar and 2 or 3 swirls of olive oil. I used white wine vinegar and like it heavy over the oil.

For supper I had some potato sandwich thins and toasted for sandwiches. We heated the beef in the microwave. My wife had mustard and dill pickles on hers, I didn’t think the dill pickles would go with the sour tomato cuke salad so I had some of the pickled onions on mine. We had some leftover potato salad we finished up too.

In spite of having pulled beef like I wanted the sandwiches were pretty good.

Beef ready to smoke

Ready to wrap

Added onions, garlic and broth

Wrapped on the smoker

After resting


For my salad

All mixed

My salad

My supper

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