Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Meatloaf, Mashed, Peas & Gravy

08 23 2017

I had an outpatient procedure at the hospital Monday so wanted something easy to digest. I was hungry for meatloaf so I fixed my wife’s favorite; a recipe from Lipton soups. My favorite sides to have with meatloaf are mashed potatoes, peas or corn and country gravy.

I did the meatloaf on my Traeger, at 250 deg. grill level for about 40 minutes and then went to about 285 deg. grill ; level for another hour for 165 deg. IT.My sides was some Bob Even’s white cheddar mashed potatoes and some frozen peas. For my gravy I made Pioneer brand country gravy. Using store bought sides makes this an easy meal.

I had some sourdough bread I toasted as garlic bread under the broiler. It all tasted pretty good!

Meatloaf ready to smoke

Done on the smoker


My supper

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