Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Steak Fingers and Poutine

Feb 03 2015

It is a good thing I am back doing most of the cooking now. My wife’s favorite, and mine, source for meals, Sandman’s carry out is closed this week. He has been shutting down a week in February and going to Las Vegas. I imagine he is enjoying some warmer weather right now.

I am anxious to get back to more cooking on the smoker but it’s been too cold and my patio is icy right now. For tonight it was some more indoor cooking. I had some round steak frozen to use, some that my wife got from Sam’s when she was supposed to get some tenderloin steaks! I had some cheddar cheese curds frozen too so some steak fingers and poutine would taste good.

I trimmed the fat from the edges of the steaks and pounded with a mallet some to tenderize and sprinkled on some Adolf’s meat tenderizer. They went in the fridge about 3 hours before fixing. I cut them into strips, seasoned with some Penzey’s 4S salt and coated with a little flour. I fried them in some olive oil on med. high for 4 or 5 minutes each side.

I baked some Or Ida fast food fries in the oven for the poutine. For the gravy I used a packet of Pioneer brand brown gravy mix fixed per directions. Instead of water I used a mix of chicken and beef broth then stirred in a Tbs. of Worcestershire and about a tsp. of Kitchen Bouquet.

We had some of my fermented beets for a side, and it all hit the spot. Ever since I tried Canada’s favorite snack food Poutine I get hungry for some. It would taste better with some great crispy homemade fries but the Or Ida’s baked are pretty good.

The round steaks

Steaks cut and seasoned, gravy mix and cheese curds

Frying the steak fingers

My supper

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