Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Last Night's Pad Thai

Feb 03 2015

I had some pulled chicken in the freezer from the last chicken I smoked a while back. So for tonight’s supper it would be Pad Thai. That’s a dish I get hungry for; I am getting so many dishes I get hungry for and ones I see in here and on the net I want to try I don’t know how to find the time to get them all in!

I had a Pad Thai kit from Thai Kitchen’s; not sure how they can call it a kit since it only contains the rice noodles and sauce. Oh well I use it because I can’t find the right rice noodles in the grocery and I like the sauce.

I baked a take home and bake baguette for bread and butter. It is not usually served with Thai food but I can eat bread and butter with about any kind of meal!

I like this cooked in a wok best but with having to use my cane it was much easier to just do it all up in my Lodge steel skillet. I first fried a beaten egg and sliced to add in later. I heated up some olive oil and added the chicken, about 2 cups, then added some sliced onion and Napa cabbage. I had the rice noodles soaking in boiled water. I drained and added the noodles in and let heat up.

I added the sauce and a can of bean sprouts. I stirred and then topped with the eggs. I then served, my wife likes it just as is but I add some Mai Ploys sweet chili sauce and chopped cashews to mine. The Mai Ploys adds a touch of heat too.

My supper

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