Sunday, February 8, 2015

Smoked Sausage and Jowl Bacon 15 Bean Soup

Feb 08 2015

I was tired out yesterday after getting my smoker cleaned up and my new Savannah Stoker controller installed. I was glad though I went ahead and smoked the meat for my bean soup today. It made for a lazy day for me.

My wife did her usual today, went to church and then out to lunch with friends after. Today though several of the ladies went to a play this afternoon and then out to eat. Since my wife does not like beans it was a great time to make myself a pot of bean soup.

I like to use some of the Hurst 15 bean soup mix once in a while for some great soup. This time I used the recipe on the package, changing just a little. I like Rotel tomatoes and use Cajun seasoning instead of the chili powder. I diced up the jowl bacon and used some of the fattier pieces to brown up a little with the onions and garlic. I then added the rest of the bacon and the sliced smoked sausage, stirred to heat through then added water to deglaze the pan. I brought all to a boil then down to simmer for 2 hours.

While that was cooking I baked some cornbread. I used my favorite mix, Miracle Maize Sweet and baked it in my old Wapak skillet. I added some brown sugar topping for something different. I got the idea from a BBQ show. It was at a joint down south and all there was raving about the cornbread with the brown sugar. I thought southerners didn’t like sweet cornbread; maybe there was all Yankees eating there! Mine didn’t look as good as theirs did; I think they must have swirled it in with the batter some before baking. I didn’t remember them doing that but will try it the next time.

I had the cornbread done and after the beans had simmered two hours I added in the tomatoes, Cajun seasoning and lemon juice then cooked another half hour. I don’t usually add in the flavor packet but did this time and was good.

I had mine with some chopped onions and hot sauce over and a large piece of the cornbread with a little butter! The soup was great and I liked the brown sugar cornbread, it went good with the heat. I had a good Black Butte Porter to wash all down.

Click here for printable bean soup recipe

My supper


15 Bean mix

Some bacon, onions and garlic in

Rest of the meat is in

Some water in

Beans added to simmer 2 hours

For the cornbread

Ready for the oven

Done baking

All and ready to serve

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