Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jowl Bacon, Grits, Red Eye Gravy and Eggs

Feb 09 2015

I had saved 3 thick slices of the jowl bacon to fry for a breakfast. I can’t remember the last time I had red eye gravy. It’s usually made after frying ham but thought the jowl bacon would do. I made a small batch of stone ground grits, fried the bacon and made the red eye gravy. I had the eggs frying and made the gravy with some black coffee and a little coca cola.

This was my lunch today, and tasted great. I had saved one piece of the bacon for my wife but it disappeared while I was ridding up the dishes! She went to a movie and will never know!

I had planned to go get a slab of ribs to do tomorrow on my Traeger with the new SS v3 controller. I wanted to do a longer cook with it. It said sunny and 27 deg.; cold but I don’t need to stay out much. I took a second look and it said a chill factor of zero. I chickened out so looks like it will be next week before I get back out on my smoker; supposed to be cold all week.

The grits

Jowl bacon

Red Eye Gravy

My brunch

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