Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time for Comfort Food

Dec 14 2013

Like a lot of you in the winter northern climates I kind of slow down on cooking outdoors and need some comfort food. We have had a week of 20’s weather and it warmed up to 32 deg. for an overnight and daytime snow, about 4 inches. I got the drive and front walks cleaned out in the morning. By noon the snow had stopped so used the shovel and went over the drive and walks again.

I had three nice pork chops from my butcher, some steamer red potatoes and some cabbage left over from making kraut so that would make a good supper. This would be about as simple as I could make it.
I put a layer of the red potatoes in the bottom of my Crockpot, a layer of chopped cabbage. I browned the chops, a little salt & pepper on top.  They went on top and added about a quart of chicken stock. The chops would steam on top. I got it on at 12:30 on high for 1 ½ hours then on low until supper time.

I had my kitchen cleaned up and was just finishing shoveling snow when the dil came to do some Christmas baking. That girl can do a lot in a short time, by 6:00 she had several kinds of candy snacks made, about 6 small and 1 large pumpkin breads baked and my kitchen all clean. She and the grandson went home for their supper.

Our supper was ready in the Crockpot, served with some cheese focaccia and butter. I had mine with the potatoes mashed and some butter, salt and pepper over top. That hit the spot!

Browning the Chops

All in the pot

My Plate

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