Sunday, December 29, 2013

Philippine Chicken Spring Rolls

Dec 28 2013

I love deep fried foods but being not so healthy I don’t do a lot of it. A Philippine lady in town lost an Aunt and Uncle in the recent flooding in her home country and her son and four children survived floating near the ceiling for over a day in their home. The local newspaper ran a story on her and she was selling egg and spring rolls to help her family.

We ordered a dozen of each and she delivered them the week-end before Christmas. She had them frozen done up nice in plastic bags and included sauce. She only charged $8 a dozen, for 67 cents each I don’t see how she was making much money; we donated some extra for her family. The egg rolls were pork and the spring rolls chicken.  After eating the spring rolls tonight I am hoping she continues to make them! The rolls were each wrapped in paper.

My wife, daughter and daughter in law were running around shopping. I took advantage of the warm weather today, 45+, to vacuum up some leaves that had blown in my patio. Our son had to work so dropped the grandson off when he went to work. I fed everyone for supper.

I had Zatarains yellow rice cooking in the rice cooker and deep fried the spring rolls in my cast iron 9 inch chicken friar. I used just enough oil to come up half way on the spring rolls, did them about 2 ½ minutes on each side and drained them on a rack. I had a choice of salad or my sauerkraut. I had the sauerkraut with mine and used Mae Ploys sweet red chili sauce for dipping, it has a little heat.

The rolls

My Plate

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