Monday, December 9, 2013

Pork Shoulder Al' Diavolo

I am a little behind on this post; this was done last Saturday for our supper. There was snow on the ground and a cool 25 deg. F. thanks to my Maverick remote probe I could monitor the cook from inside.

Dec 07 2013

I found this recipe for a pork roast at Bon Appetit; it sounded good and I was hungry for a pork roast. Searching the net for pork Al Diavolo only brings up a few hits but all the recipes looked about the same. I could not find the origin but Giada of Food Network has a recipe for shrimp Diavolo so I assume it is an Italian dish. I adapted the recipe for my Traeger smoker and cut back on the heat some.

It calls for a boneless butt; all I could find small was a 4 lb. blade shoulder roast so that had to do. I got the roast coated with the marinade and in the fridge Friday before noon so it would set 24 hours in the fridge.

I got the roast in my Traeger at 1:00 PM Saturday and cousins from Fla. stopped in for a visit at 3:00.
When I took the roast off about 4:00 I was busy talking so didn’t get a photo of the finished roast with the nice crust before slicing and in the Crockpot. The cousins would have stayed but had prior plans for supper with friends.

My sides were scalloped white yams and potatoes and some fresh corn I had frozen and vacuum sealed.
The yams and potatoes I sliced thin and coated each with a half cup of half and half cream. I placed a layer of half the yams in casserole dish, a handful of shredded five cheese Italian blend and seasoning. Then a layer of potatoes all the cream went in too, another layer of yams more cheese and seasoning. I sprinkled on some parmesan too then in the oven covered for 1 hour and uncovered another 15 minutes. The corn I heated in a sauce pan with some half and half cream.

Some crusty bread and butter completed the meal. It all tasted good, the pork was tender and had a great savory taste of the marinade.

Printable Pork Recipe

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