Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kraut for New Year's Day 2014

Dec 03 2013

I got some kraut on fermenting for my New Year’s Day good luck meal, pork and kraut.

Monday on the way home from visiting my Mother we stopped at Krogers and I got two heads of organic cabbage. It looked nice, stems were white, and should make some good kraut.

This morning I started to clean the cabbage. I went half way through each head and the very edge of each leaf had some black on it. They went in my compost bin and went to Walmart and got two more heads, a little over six pounds. The stems were brown but pulling the outer leaves off both was good.

I used my new Super Benriner mandolin slicer for the first time to shred the cabbage. At $48 I thought a little steep for a mandolin but the super model is wide enough to do a half head of cabbage. It worked slick and had the cabbage shredded in no time. It came with 3 sizes of julienne blades and will try one tomorrow for some carrots to use in a stir fry.

Dec 07

I tried the Benriner julienne blades on some carrots and potatoes. For me it did not work, I do not want to julienne my fingers. It may work ok on softer veggies like cucumbers, zucchini or summer squash. I was also having some problems keeping the kraut down under the liquid in my jug. I gave in and ordered a German fermenting crock so my next batch of sauerkraut should go better.

By New Year’s Day I should have some good kraut.

Cabbage and slicer

In the jug before adding water

Here you can see it coming up

Water bag added

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