Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Crackers" my second Holiday Cook

Dec 21 2013

So far my two cooks, nuts & crackers, for our Christmas Dinner doesn’t sound that great! The smoked almonds, pistachios and Cajun crackers will make some good appetizers.

I marinated the crackers overnight and did them on smoke 180 deg. for two hours.  When the crackers were done it was time to put on some country ribs for our supper.

My wife made some lemon bars but they didn’t set up right. She used too small of dish; she ended up with some good ones around the edge but had lemon pudding in the middle. She did make a batch of fudge that came out good.

It’s 45 deg. here in Ohio and windy; looks like winter will be back tomorrow. I am getting ready to go out and get a 6 lb. chicken on now; my third cook and sounding better. I will shred it all for chicken sandwiches on Christmas Eve.

Lemon Bars?

Cajun Crackers

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