Saturday, December 28, 2013

My New Year's Kraut is done

Dec 27 2013

I got a gallon of kraut fermenting on Dec. 3rd. it set for 24 days and was done so I put it in Mason jars and in the fridge to stop any further fermentation.  It tasted great I think the best I ever made; good and sour and not too salty. I got 3 ½ quarts from the batch. The two pint jars will be to give away. The half quart jar wen in the fridge for eating now. I will use most of a quart for my New Year’s Day good luck pork and kraut.

You get the best health benefits from it raw, after cooking I think you lose most of that. For my pork and kraut I will use it un-rinsed, we like it sour and it flavors the pork nice.

Putting it up in Jars

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