Saturday, November 23, 2013

Super Pig Butt

Nov 22 2013

I wanted to use some of the Super Pig seasoning that a freind gave me to try on a pork butt. After using it on bacon I thought it would be good on a butt and give a good bark. I found one on the small side at Walmart; just shy of 7 lbs. It was a Tyson and I am not crazy about Tyson products. The package said 100% all natural then in fine print it said 4% marinade added; probably salt water.

Wednesday evening I got it smeared with mustard and some of the Super Pig and in the fridge overnight. In the photos it doesn’t look like much seasoning but I had plenty on there.

I didn’t want to be cooking all day so I decided to cut the butt in half; it would cook faster and I would get more bark. This morning I fired up my Traeger with 100% apple wood pellets. I cut the butt in half and applied mustard and Super Pig to the cut sides and added more Super Pig to all. I got them on the smoker at 7:45 at 180 deg. for an hour then 225 deg. for another ½ hour. Then I went to 250 deg. for most of the cook. Grill level temp was running 280 to 290 deg.

I planned to wrap in foil when the butts got to 170 deg. adding some apple cider. I had the foil and the apple cider ready; but when I looked at them they looked plenty moist yet so decided to do without foiling. I drizzled some apple cider over several times.

At 2:30 one was at 198 deg. and one was at 190 deg. IT. I checked more with my hand held and did a probe test. They were done so wrapped in foil and in a warm oven for an hours rest. I preheat my oven to 180 deg. then turn off after the butts are in.

While the butts were resting I laid down for a rest! At 3:30 I took the butts from the oven to cool some before pulling. It pulled nice and most of the fat was rendered out. The Super Pig bark tasted good and the butt was plenty moist. I ate so much while pulling, I almost didn’t want supper! We ate carry-ins with the kids for supper.

Nov. 23 2013

We baby sat with the grandson last night so he ate supper with us. He and my wife had the pulled pork plain and sides of mac and cheese (Bob Evens) and some coleslaw I made. I had a sandwich on a toasted whole wheat boullilo. We all thought the pork was extra good.

Note: Super Pig seasoning by Savor Spices was made for bacon but to me it worked well on the pork butt. Anyone interested can get it at along with their other flavors. Their MoRockin Chicken seasoning is popular among members of Let’s Talk BBQ.

Pork Butt w/mustard and seasoning

Ready for the fridge overnight

Split and re-seasoned

At 4 hours

About done

Bone came out clean

Some of the nice bark

All ready

My Sandwich


  1. Love the SP too Don. I've been using it for fish and seafood lately. Might have to try a butt soon.

  2. Glad you enjoy the site Samuel! happy Holidays! Don