Friday, November 8, 2013

Bacon, Eggs and Fried Mush

Nov 07 2013

Bacon eggs and fried mush is one of my favorite breakfasts. It always brings memories of Mom frying up some of her homemade mush. She sliced it about a ¼ inch thick and fried it crispy in bacon grease and did the eggs in bacon grease too; basting them to get the tops done.

Most southerners grow up on grits for breakfast. I never had grits until I got away from home and now they are a favorite too.

I used my Wapak skillet and fried two batches of bacon then did 4 slices of mush. I dust the mush with flour, it helps keep them from popping. The Yoders brand I buy does not pop that much, some I have bought really pops from the water left in. I used to make my own but this is much easier.

After I fry my bacon on med. I turn it down to med. low and do the mush. Put it in the skillet and don’t mess with it for 8 minutes then turn it. I do mine for 10 minutes each side for crispy mush. My Wapak skillet did well with the mush and egg; neither one stuck any. I had an English muffin and a glass of buttermilk with my breakfast. Tasted great!

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