Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beef loin bottom butt sirloin ball tip steaks!

Nov 12 2013

What a name for a steak; but that’s what the label said! I got these at Sams Club and my thoughts were probably not as tender as good sirloin. They looked good with a little marbling and at $3.88 a pound I bought a package of five.

Today was my wife’s birthday; for nine months of the year she can say she is younger than me but now for three months she is the same age as I am! A trip to Sams Club was not a great outing for her birthday but I did take her and the kids out last night for some good Mexican food. One trip around Sams pushing the cart was pretty darned good for her since she just had both knees replaced Sept. 9th

We woke up to a good 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning and looks like cold weather all week. I think our Canadian friends want to share some of their cold weather! It is a little early for here our leaves are not all down yet.

My wife’s birthday supper would be the steaks, some Ore Ida olive oil and sea salt potato wedges, a salad, and some Walmart garlic knots.

I seasoned the steaks with salt, fresh ground pepper and some dried garlic flakes about two hours before cooking.

I did the steaks my favorite way when cooking inside; a quick sear in a skillet and then in the oven at 350 deg. for four minutes for thinner steaks and eight minutes for thicker ones. This usually gives me the medium rare we like.

The steaks tasted good, not quite as tender as good sirloin but better than round steak.

Taken after lunch

Steaks and seasoning


Ready to serve

My Supper

Just right for me

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