Friday, November 8, 2013

Pork Rib Tips Korean Style

Nov 07 2013

I have wanted to try this for a while; at least try something with some Korean red pepper flakes and some Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce. I get it at Walmart so it should be widely available in any market with an Asian section. It is sweet and I would say just mildly hot and smells of garlic. I love that stuff.

I saw some pork wing tips at Walmart for the first time. My son likes hot stuff so I told him to come down and have them with me if he wanted to. I bought some Stouffers frozen lasagna to fix for the women and grandson. I would make some cheesy scalloped potatoes to have with the ribs and we all could have a salad and some crusty bread and butter.

I wet the rib tips down with a little red wine vinegar and sprinkled on some of the red chili flakes and dried garlic flakes and in the fridge about 5 hours before smoking.

My plan for the rib tips was one hour on smoke, one hour at 225 deg., wrap in foil with some of the red chili sauce for one hour at 250 deg., unwrap and then back on the smoker and baste with more sauce the last 45 minutes. Total cook time 4 hours.

I did most of the cook on smoke mode and used the P#’s to get the grill level temp I wanted. All went well, I wrapped the ribs after an hour and 45 minutes, I wanted the ribs wrapped a full hour. I un- wrapped them at the 3 hour mark and back on the Traeger. I basted them and went to 225 deg. for the last 45 minutes which was giving me about 270 deg. grill level.

In the mean time I was getting my cheesy scalloped potatoes done, one hour at 350 deg. with lid on then a half hour with lid off. I nuked the Lasagna with meat sauce for my wife and got her eating at 6:00 pm. Our son, grandson and dog arrive. Our daughter in law gets here from her work at 6:15 so I get her five cheese lasagna in. At 6:30 I take my potatoes from the oven and bring in the rib tips. Through some miracle we are all setting down eating about 6:40 and somewhere in there I got the bread sliced!

The ribs were good but not as hot as the son and I would have liked. They were plenty done; meat came from the bones clean but next time I think I would extend the foil time to 1 ½ or even 2 hours. I like my ribs more towards fall off the bones and I think the longer foil time would render out more of the fat. For some more heat I would marinate with more red pepper flakes or add some hot sauce during the foil time.

Rib Tips and seasoning

Seasoned and ready for the fridge

After 1 3/4 hours ready to foil

Sweet chili sauce added

After an hour in foil

Ready to serve

Cheesy potatoes

Meat sauce lasagna and meatless 5 cheese

My Supper

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