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Two Easy Meals from Leftover Rib Meat

Oct 22 2012
Saturday when I smoked two racks of pork back ribs, with backbone, I ate four ribs from each rack so I had plenty of leftover meat. My wife and I love ribs but prefer them hot off the smoker. I decided to pull the meat from these for two different dishes. Sunday afternoon I pulled the meat from one to use that evening for some stir fry.

The other rack I cut the ribs out and broke up the backbones. I put them in a pot, covered with water, a little salt & pepper and a bay leaf. I boiled them for an hour, and pulled the meat and saved. I strained the broth and in the fridge to cool overnight and then skim all the fat off. The stock took on a nice brown color from the ribs. This would be used to make pork & hominy soup for Mondays supper.

I had found some all natural frozen Asian stir fry mix, New World Farms, at Wal-Mart to use in the stir fry. I would have it over some Zatarain’s New Orleans yellow rice. I got the rice on cooking the I heated a Tbs. of olive oil in a skillet, added two minced garlic cloves and the leftover pork, stirred that awhile then added the frozen veggies and stirred awhile, put a lid on and steamed for 5 to 10 minutes. When the veggies were heated through I added a splash or two of soy sauce and stirred. I served this over the rice with some bread and butter. I had a side of Korean kimchee with mine. A pretty tasty meal and it was quick and easy to make, about 35 minutes.

After supper I mixed up three sleeves of crackers with olive oil, ranch dressing mix, and Korean chili flakes to smoke and have with the soup Monday.

Today was a nice 70 plus day. I smoked the crackers in the morning. My daughter in law came down with a piece of plywood for me to saw. She had it all marked and was making a serving tray. She does pretty nice work. I mowed grass while she worked on it. She ate lunch with my wife and went home after her son got home from school. The two dogs had fun playing all this time.

My supper went together pretty fast, I added olive oil to a soup pot and heated on med. hi, diced a med. onion and two cloves of garlic, added to the pot and sautéed until the onion was clear, added the pork meat, added the Cajun seasoning and cumin. I stirred until the meat was starting to stick to the pot. Then I started to add the stock I had skimmed the fat off, I left some, the soup has to have eyes to be good. I had about 8 cups of stock. I brought that to a boil and then added the rest of the ingredients and simmered about 45 minutes. I served the wife and we had bread and butter and the smoked Korean crackers. I crushed up some of the crackers in my soup and added some Cholula hot sauce. Pretty tasty!

This was three meals from some smoked pork ribs and I still have some rib meat to freeze for later.

Printable Soup Recipe

Stir fry mix

Rib Meat to use

My Sunday Supper

Some of the stock to show nice color

Soup ingredients

Onions, garlic, rib meat and seasonings simmering

Soups On

My Monday Supper

Smokin Don

Update: Oct 24 2012

My third easy meal for the leftover rib meat.

Today was a great 70 + day and I worked outside trying to get chores done before winter gets here.
I took food to my Mother this morning and stopped at the grocery for some veggie for supper, I found a nice head of Bok Choy. I would use it with some leftover rib meat for sandwiches and leftover mashed potatoes for fried potato cakes. I also got some nice take home & bake sandwich buns.

I had enough leftover rib meat from the two racks Sandman gave me; I got a lot of mileage from those two racks. The recipe for the Bok Choy I followed was clean and trim, slice head in half, nuke 3 to 5 minutes in microwave, add some sauce then on a med hot grill to char. The sauce I made was ¼ cup BBQ sauce, 1 Tbs. rice wine vinegar, 1 tsp. soy sauce, and 1 tsp. sesame oil.

I did mine all inside for the ease of doing quickly. I did the rolls in the oven 385 deg. For 7 minutes, had the rib meat heated in a skillet with BBQ sauce, and the potato cakes frying. I nuked the Bok Choy added the sauce, took the buns out and put the Bok Choy under the broiler awhile. I had added some smoked onions I had left.

So we had BBQ pork rib meat on hot buns with the Bok Choy and potato cakes. For leftovers it sure tasted good!

Smokin Don

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