Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Carolina Grits, bacon and eggs

Sunday, Oct 14th

I know I said I was going to give my smoker a rest today. I had some good yellow, stone ground grits from Palmetto Farms, S. Carolina to fix & have with bacon and eggs for my brunch today. The bacon was thick sliced from my butcher and was just going to fry 3 or four slices. The grits I bought from Amazon.

Then I got to thinking; the bacon sure tastes better when done on the smoker.

So at 9 am I fired up the smoker and put 6 slices on. I did them at 275 deg. and took 45 minutes to get to the crispy stage I like. While it was cooking I cooked the grits. I added 1 Tbs. of bacon grease and 4 pats of butter to the pan to cook the grits. My glass top stove does not cool down fast so I get the grits & water boiling then move to another burner on low to finish simmering them. I fried two eggs and had a toasted slice of ciabata bread to have with it. My coffee was Newman’s Own from my Kurig.

It sure tasted good; I don’t have this very often so I was really hungry for it.

I did not get them as thick as I like; I like them so a spoon will stand up in them. The leftovers will be thicker.

The grits

Bacon is done

Texture of grits

My Brunch

Update: 10/17/12
At my favorite pellet smoker forum, pellet heads, a fellow member always commented I needed to make red eye gravy for my grits; whenever I posted about grits. I had some leftover ham and some leftover yellow grits from my last two cooks so I made some ham & eggs with red eye gravy for my lunch today.

I have made this in the past a lot but haven’t had it for a long time and it sure tasted good. Redeye gravy is basically made by browning up some ham then deglazing the skillet with some strong coffee and sometimes some water is also added. I used half coffee and half water. Wiki has a good definition of it with variations.

My lunch

Smokin Don

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