Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October is Oktoberfest and Bratwurst Time

October is Oktoberfest and bratwurst time. I was hungry for some so that’s what we had for supper tonight. Since the kids moved close by I am back to cooking for just the wife and I. While grocery shopping today I found some Italian sausage made from veggie protean so I bought a package for the kids. When they came to pick up the grandson from school I gave them the sausage and 4 hot dog buns. They were going to try them for their supper. I know mine was better than theirs! My brats were fresh ones from my Butcher Kah Meats.

I did mine on smoke 175 deg. for about 45 min. and then eased up to 300 deg. for the last hour. I had some smoked onion left and sliced some red and green pepper, Placed all in a pan and drizzled a little olive oil over and got them on the smoker with about 50 minutes left for the 2 hours I was doing the brats.

I had a bag of Or Ida’s frozen grillers to try. I decided to thaw them out & do on the smoker. I wasn’t sure how they would come out since all their frozen potatoes say do not thaw & do in a 375 to 400 deg. oven. I got them on the smoker with 35 minutes left and placed the brats on the onions & peppers and poured in a bottle of Yuengling Lager.

The brats were great; the grillers were nice and crisp. I also had some Green Giant cauliflower w/cheese sauce. All made for a tasty and easy supper.

Brats and potatoes on the smoker

My Plate, since I cooked with Yuengling I had to have one

Smokin Don

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