Sunday, April 1, 2012

Smoked Gyro Loaf

I always liked Gyros anytime we went to a Greek restaurant. My wife, daughter & I ate gyros at a sidewalk café in Cholula, Mexico, about 1994. It was done on a vertical spit & was good, but that might be where we got Montezuma’s revenge! I don’t have a rotisserie so I chose to make Alton Brown’s recipe for a Gyro loaf on my Traeger, and his Tzatziki sauce.

While getting pork chops from my butcher I ask if he had any ground lamb & said I needed a pound. He came from the freezer with a package & said you can have that. I got a pound & half of ground chuck to use too.

I did my loaf up in a food processor; I did half a batch at a time, the lamb, beef, onions & seasonings then mixed the two together. I made a loaf & wrapped in saran wrap to set up in the fridge overnight.

I put the loaf on, in a loaf pan, 300deg. At 12:30. After a half hour using two spatulas I took it from the loaf pan & on my pizza pan. I should have started out on the pizza pan; I just about broke it up. So I would recommend to do it start to finish on a frogmat or perforated pan, whichever you prefer. I turned the smoker down to 250 deg. After an hour I went to 225 deg. At 2:40 it was at 165 deg. IT so I dropped down to the smoke mode to finish. At 3:00 it was at 170 deg. IT so I pulled it & covered with foil to rest. My total cook time was 2 ½ hours.

Alton Browns recipe was for an oven or on a spit using a grill. The grill method was started on high for 15 minutes then on medium until 165 deg. IT then turning off the grill & continue to rotate until 175 deg. IT. I pulled mine at 170 deg. Figuring it would rise to 175 deg. IT when tented to cool. Next time I think I will do on my perforated pizza pan at 225 to 250 deg. Then on smoke mode to finish.

I will put it in the fridge overnight & slice on my slicer for my Gyros. I saved a little patty to taste test yesterday & thought the seasoning was just right, tasted good. I will follow up tomorrow with my sandwiches & maybe sweet potato fries with them.

Link to Alton's Recipe

The seasoning

One batch ready to process

Processed to a paste

Ready to set up in the fridge

On the smoker & about done

Finished Loaf

Smokin Don

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