Monday, April 16, 2012

Sundays Pot Roast

Sunday was a busy day of cooking. I had bought two beef chuck roasts each about 2 ½ pounds. I was going to fix them as one dish but decided to do them different. My son & family were going to a cook out Sunday evening so there would just be the wife & I for supper. I got one roast ready for a pot roast in the Crockpot. I sprayed the Crockpot with some olive oil; a coarsely chopped onion & some baby carrots went in the bottom. I seasoned the roast with some steak salt & garlic powder; seared it in some olive oil. It went on top of the carrots & onions. I cleaned some baby gold potatoes & placed around the roast. I poured in some beef broth to almost cover. This would simmer on low all day.

I didn’t take many photos of the steps but this is pretty basic. Most of the rest of the day I was busy smoking 2 pounds of pistachios & doing the other roast as Ropa Vieja on the smoker.

The kids got off to their cook out & the wife & I ate about 6:00. The pot roast was tasty along with some ciabatta rolls.

Pot Roast Ready to go

Meat cut up, fat removed, back in the pot.

My Plate, I like the potatoes & carrots mashed w/a little butter & broth.

Smokin Don

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