Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My gyros & sweet potato fries

Sorry I was a little late getting this posted. It’s been a little busy around here; our son, wife, and our grandson moved in with us. They moved from Las Vegas and are staying with us so our grandson can finish school here & until they find a place to live. So now I am cooking for 5 instead of 2.

We had the gyros along with some sweet potato fries for our supper Sunday. The kids arrived late that evening. I thought my gyros were pretty good, maybe not as good as a good Greek restaurant fixes but decent.

When our son lived in Cincinnati, OH we ate in some good Greek restaurants; but since there are none close if I get hungry for a Gyro I will have to make my own. Our son thought they were pretty good; he had them for lunch Monday.

I use frozen sweet potato fries instead of making my own. It is a lot easier & less fuss to get ready to serve along with a meal.

I will use Alton Browns recipe again but next time I will only go to 155 deg. IT on the gyro loaf.

Gyro ingredients

Sliced gyro loaf

My Plate

Smokin Don

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