Sunday, August 28, 2011

Italian Brat Burgers & fried squash blossoms

I got off to a pretty good start today, on the deck. I did get the roofing on today but have more nailing to do & some trim work. Then some stain sealer & railing and will be all done. It looked like I had enough squash blossoms for one more mess, so bought some Italian brats, to make patties from. I had some pasta left from the other day & some tomatoes to slice up, so that would be our supper.
About 10:30 I took a break from working on the deck & cleaned up my Traeger for tonight. I had some smoked sausage & ring bologna that needed used up so thought I would just throw them on the smoker & it would make a good lunch. I did them at 180 deg for an hour then went to 225 for another half hour. A piece of each, some sliced tomatoes & crackers made a good lunch.
At 4:30 I quit working on the deck; I had two sheets of roofing on & nailed down good enough until tomorrow. I put all my tools away & cleaned myself up. I removed the casings & made two patties from the 4 brats. I had done hamburgers at 300 deg for a half hr. so thought I would do these at 225 to see how they come along. I got them on at 5:30 & at 6:00 didn’t look done enough for me so went to 300 deg. At 6:00 checked IT, flipped & went to 325 deg, another half hr should do it. I went inside & got the pasta ready to reheat, sliced up some tomatoes & got the fixins ready to fry the squash blossoms. I would use an egg, milk wash & dip them in Panko bread crumbs, then fry in some olive oil & a couple pats of butter. I like those Panko bread crumbs for breading. At 7:00 the brat burgers were done, 160 deg IT, so turned smoker down to 180 deg & fried up the squash blossoms & nuked the pasta. After the blossoms were browned I turned them & went outside, added Swiss cheese & the buns to the burgers, pulled after 2 min & the squash blossoms were ready too. My wife had dill pickle & mustard on her sandwich. She will add dill pickles to about any sandwich, I only like them on roast beef sandwiches & they have to be claussen kosher dills. They taste like the ones you used to get from pickle barrels, they have never been heated so you will find them refrigerated at the grocery. I had a slice of Vidalia onion & mustard on my brat burger. My wife had bought onion buns & tasted good. The last of the squash blossoms tasted good & by the time I finished my 5th one I was wishing for at least 5 more. The Italian brat burger was almost too much for me, but I ate it all!
Note: I can't tell much difference in brands of yellow mustard but Plochman's is the only one with an acceptable spout.

My lunch

Blossoms, egg wash, & Panko bread crumbs

Pickles, mustard, & sliced tomatoes

Squash blossoms frying, note one has a baby squash attached.
The cook got that one!

Brat burgers done

My supper plate

Smokin Don

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