Sunday, August 7, 2011


It was obvious what we would have for supper. I had bacon, lettuce & buns left from making my cheeseburgers and fresh tomatoes from my garden. So a BLT it would be. I also had some Alexia frozen sweet potato fries that would go well with them. Just follow the directions on the package & they come out nice & crispy on the outside & soft in the center. I used to spray them with a little olive oil cooking spray but I think they come out better without any oil added. They are very lightly seasoned but I usually add a little Lawry’s seasoning salt. They also make some chipotle seasoned ones if you want spicy. I would do the bacon on my Traeger, my wife likes that since I don’t mess up the stove. The only bad part is I don’t get to save that good bacon grease! I did the bacon at 300 deg for 35 min. Turned & flipped half way thru. That’s one thing I like about doing it on the pizza pan, I just use my tongs to rotate it 180 for even cooking.
My wife would have hers with traditional mayo, Hellmann’s, and an Arnolds whole wheat flat bun, makes her feel better about eating the bacon fat! I would use a white bun because I had some left. I would use the Santa Fe Philly crème on mine, I am sure liking that stuff for sandwiches. This was our first BLT this summer with the fresh tomatoes, we both enjoyed them!! Besides this was a pretty easy meal!

Bacon on my Traeger

Bacon done


Wife's BLT


With Fries

Smokin Don

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