Saturday, August 20, 2011

BLT's fried green tomatoes & squash blossoms

Today my wife, Nancy & I have been married 45 years. I sure don’t know where all those yrs. went! We had a great time raising 2 children, a boy & a girl and we have a grandson. I have done some good cookouts in the backyard over those yrs. Some good brat & pulled pork parties while the kids were in high school & college. I sure miss those days.
Tonight we are going to Red Lobster & treat ourselves to some lobster, a favorite of ours.
Last night we had 3 of our favorite summer foods, BLT’s, fried green tomatoes, & squash blossoms.
I did up 10 slices of Kah’s bacon on the Treager earlier for our sandwiches, 300 deg for about 40 min. I had ciabata buns left to use & I broil toasted them w/a little olive oil. I dipped the green tomato slices in flour, egg & milk wash, then Panko bread crumbs & fried in olive oil & a little butter. I repeated this process for the squash blossoms. I did both at med heat. The sandwiches were the toasted bun, bacon, a slice of beefsteak tomato, Romaine lettuce, & Hellmann’s mayonnaise. It might not have been heart healthy, but it sure do taste good! This was the first batch of squash blossoms I did & hope to get at least one more picking this summer.

BLT fixins, green tomatoes, & squash blossoms

Some good eats!

Smokin Don

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