Friday, August 5, 2011

My Special Cheeseburger

It seems signature burgers are popular everywhere. Last year I tried a couple & wasn’t satisfied, but this one, at least to me is a winner. I am particular about how well done it is, I like pink in the middle but no red! I would rather have it over done than any red. I love them on my Traeger, 300 deg. 15 min. flip, another 15 min., add cheese & bun for another 2 min. then pull. My cheese ends up on the bottom because I add the cheese then bottom of bun, then top of bun & when I remove I just pick all up with a spatula, place top of bun under spatula, & pull spatula out for an assembled cheeseburger. A good way to serve if you are serving right from the grill. Done this way I don’t get pink but they are plenty juicy.
My burger would have to be a cheeseburger, with Swiss cheese. Seasoning would be Weber’s Gourmet Burger. Bacon, lettuce, & tomato, would be added. I recently discovered Kraft’s Philly cooking creme in 4 flavors. It makes a good salad dressing, dip, or sandwich topper. I chose the Santa Fe Blend for my burger. It leaves a pleasant heat in your mouth. To assemble my burger after grilling, remove the top bun, add a heaping tsp. of the Santa Fe cheese, then two half slices of bacon. Next would be a single layer of Lays potato chips, this adds flavor & crunch plus soaks up some moisture from the tomato which goes on next. To finish, a couple pieces of romaine lettuce. I usually use a COWB, Cheap, Ole White Bun. To me the bun is just a tool to hold all together while you eat it.
I bought 1 ½ lbs. of ground chuck from my butcher, and a lb. of his smoke cured bacon, thick slice. His ground chuck is always fresh & the bacon is better than my own. I divided the ground chuck into 4 equal parts. Formed into balls then flatten & indent the centers. Then on a plate, some dried garlic flakes & Weber’s Gourmet Burger seasoning on top. Covered with saran wrap & in the fridge until ready to grill. I cut the bacon slices in half & did on my porcelain coated pizza pan at 300 deg for 35 min. to get crisp. The bacon grease left on the pan would help flavor my burgers. I put some fresh white corn, on at 275 deg for a half hour before doing my burgers. The corn husks were left on & soaked in salted water several hours. I also did a yellow squash from my garden on about 10 min before the burgers. I did the burgers at 300 deg 15 min. flipped & added more Weber’s seasoning, on for 15 more min. Added Swiss cheese slices, real not processed, & the buns, on another 2 min. Removed & assembled the burgers. Served with the corn & squash. The burgers were great, this would be my burger. My wife even said they were good & juicy. They also held together well while eating. What would I call it, I guess Don’s BLTCCPCCB, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cream cheese, potato chip, cheeseburger.
On second thought I think just “Don’s Special Cheeseburger” will do!

Printable Cheeseburger Recipe

Burgers made & seasoned on one side

Bacon on the grill

Burgers, corn, & squash on the grill

With Santa Fe cheese & bacon added

Potato chips & tomato added

Finished Cheeseburger

My Plate

Smokin Don

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