Friday, November 27, 2015

My Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

Nov 26 2015

Our son and family went to the other grandparents this year to celebrate. I was not going to cook but the daughter is here so I decided to do a turkey breast. I bought a 5 lb. fresh Honeysuckle White breast and I deboned it, injected some Creole butter, a little Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle and made a roll of it. I added a little more Penzey’s to the top; wrapped in plastic wrap and it went in the fridge overnight.

I got up early and baked a loaf of maple hard cider bread and did a peach dump cake for dessert. It was an overcast day but a nice 60 deg. so it was nice to be out cooking. I figured my turkey roll would take about 2 ½ hours on the Traeger; an hour on smoke about 200 deg. and then an hour and half at 285 deg. grill level to get to 155 deg. IT. It would be there about 4:30 and then I could take it inside and place in a Crockpot while I fixed my sides.

I did the turkey roll seam side up so I wouldn’t lose all the good Creole butter. I basted it with some of the butter at 1 ½ hours and at two hours.

It worked out just right and I got my cheesy baked potatoes in the oven at 4:30 and placed the turkey roll in the Crockpot to finish to 165 deg. IT. For the potatoes I trimmed about 6 med. russet potatoes and sliced a little less than ¼ inch, added a can of Campbell’s cheddar cheese soup, mixed well and then in a covered casserole dish. I added 1/3 cup of half and half cream and topped with plenty of shredded sharp cheddar. I baked them 1 hour with the lid on at 350 deg. and removed the lid the last half hour.

I did some green beans; a can each of cut green beans and French style green beans, added a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup and a cup of French fried onions, mixed well and poured into a casserole dish. I topped them with another cup of French fried onions and baked for 45 minutes uncovered.

I let the turkey set of 5 minutes then untied and sliced and everyone helped themselves at the stove and counter. We all thought it was pretty good. The skin was not great but the turkey was moist and had good flavor. I could have browned it up under the broiler but I wanted this to be a no fuss Thanksgiving dinner!

I am taking the family out Saturday evening for our family get together; easier than trying to cook!

Maple hard cider bread

The turkey breast

Deboned, injected and seasoned

All tied

About to 155 deg. IT

Ready to slice

Sliced up

Cheesy potatoes

Green beans

My dinner

Our dessert

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