Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Lodge Carbon Steel Skillets

Dec 10 2014

We had some discussion about carbon steel skillets on the LTBBQ forum and I wrote this about my Lodge Carbon steel skillets. I don’t usually do product reviews in here but I love the Lodge cast iron and carbon steel to cook with.

I wanted a carbon steel skillet to use, I remember my Mom used to have one and can remember her using it for bacon and eggs. I bought a cheap imported 9 inch skillet and used it. Within a few months it warped and would not set level on my glass top range.

I already had some Lodge’s cast iron ware and saw they now make some carbon steel skillets. I bought a 10 inch one over a year ago. After using it I ordered the 12 inch too. I have used both over a year now and they are my everyday skillets and get weekly use. They show no warping yet. They are a little thicker than most carbon steel ware but still a lot lighter to handle than the cast iron.

They come pre-seasoned and have held up well. I think they cook as well as cast iron and cleanup is the same.  They are only about 1 ½ inches deep so if I need deeper I use my cast iron.

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